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Rigi: Queen of the Mountains

This Mount is located in central Switzerland, since it is quite accessible, and has amazing views it has consolidated as an important destination in the Alps. Three lakes surround Mount Rigi, Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug, and Lake Lauerz.

So you may want to take a closer look at the pictures below since that shiny blue part between the lower mountains is water, not clouds!

Quick facts

Closest major cities: Lucerne which is 45 mintues by car, and from Zurich there is a 57 minutes drive. Access: Arrival and parking stations can be found in: Vitznau, Weggis, Küssnacht, Goldau Talstation, Goldau A4, Goldau Eichmatt, Kräbel, Obergschwend, and Brunnen.

Cheapest path to arrive: Taking a train or boat to Vitznau or Weggis, followed by a cable car or cogwheel railway ride to the summit, is the most cost-effective option. There is the possibility to purchase a combined ticket that covers both the boat or train ride and the cable car or cogwheel railway journey to the summit.

Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF) however, in some of the shops it is possible to pay with Euros or with debit / credit cards as well.

What Mount Rigi has to offer

Great views, photo ops on every corner, hiking paths, mountain biking trails, and of course skiing. Additionally, a quite lavish spa can be found with hot springs and the possibility to relax while enjoying the amazing panorama.

Next to the spa, you can find souvenir shops and a few convenience stores as well.

There are also hotels and vacation homes available on the top of Mount Rigi if you would like to extend your visit to the Queen of Mountains and make the most out of it.

Where to eat?

When visiting Rigi the husband and I used the several gift cards for Chalet Schild (Gutschein) we received as a wedding gift. Luckily, our friends and tour guides are quite knowledgeable and proactive, so we already had a reservation waiting for us. We took a table outside, to enjoy the sunny yet quite wintery view, since the weather was quite mild. While sitting and enjoying our delicious food and the awesome views, several visitors stopped by to try to book a table and it was not possible. Though there are other eating options in the town, the restaurant is quite popular and so worth the wait that is always best to book in advance.

I could use several paragraphs to describe the beauty of Rigi and its views, but I would rather let you see it on your own.

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