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Lvi Archive

Lux vita et iocus started as a  fashion and creativity blog,  in January 2009. Its name comes from Latin and means light (Lux), life (vita) and fun (iocus also means game) . This blog is also known by its abbreviation Lvi or L>i. Initially their posts were in Spanish, but thanks to the diversity of visitors, now their posts are written in Spanish and English.


F for Fashion- Lvi Blog archive
F for fashion LviBlog Archive

Lvi blog´s  original idea was that fashion is also a way of expressing who you are, therefore dressing, styling, hairstyles, and all, are a natural way of letting people know a bit of who you are. From this point of view, personal style is not vanity, it's simply a matter of creativity and communication.

Take me to the good ol' days!


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