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My all-time tv hair & style references: Part II

Moving forward with my list of favorite tv female characters, whose style, hair, and personality have been my faves. Now we skip from 2009 until the current date. If you missed the first part, click here to see it.

Jessica Day

Quirky, honest, and expressive, Jess and I share the love for Nick's smile and even a few items in the closet. Jess is also accountable for 80% of the times I got bangs, her mane is just flawless.


Shoshanna Shapiro

My favorite gal from #Girls, with a great style that evolves throughout the show. Uncomplicated and least amount of drama, "Shos" is a loyal and honest friend.


Sylvie is determined, smart, gracious, and passionate. Also, in my eyes the chicest of the female characters of the series Emily in Paris. She has her priorities in place and seems to juggle very gracefully the boss duties with her own leisure.



Very chic and sophisticated, I love the variety of hairstyles that she rocks and natural makeup that gets more riské if the occasion calls for it. Camille could easily be the image of Chanel, so elegant, often in black and white - such a timeless choice- yet modern.



From time to time slightly annoying but accurately captures the difficulties of being an Expat - especially one who is not fluent in the language *cough* cough* so relatable! - Emily is an energetic, optimist, and workaholic. Many times clueless to the cultural differences, but never ill-intended. Her outfits are usually colorful, which I love and it is also a relatable component of her character for me since I love to wear colors visibly contrasting my tone-down-clothing-style colleagues.

How about you? Who are your style references?



Which of these character's styles did you enjoy the most?