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My all-time tv hair & style references

Television, movies, music, and some printed publications were the greatest style and cultural references of my pre-teen years. Some of my favorite characters of the tv, became, in combination with my mom's flawless taste and poise, my mentors of style.

Below you can find a short recap of my all-time hair and style references from Tv characters...which by the way I had to divide into two posts to save you from a long scroll.

Aunt Becky & Kimmy [Full House]

While DJ and the Tanner sisters were killing it in popularity, Kimmy was the wittiest and the most unapologetically in her comments and her style. While Aunt Becky charmed all of us with her sweet ways and trendy looks.


Kelly Kapowski [Saved by the bell]

Kelly and Tiffani Amber Thiessen herself, have been my hair inspiration for years! I can't get over her beauty, and her being someone representing all of us with a fuller face didn't help ease the obsession.


Topanga [Boy Meets world]

Though I did not follow the series to the end, the few seasons that I followed, were enough to love Topanga´s wild mane.


Sabrina and her aunts [Sabrina the teenage witch]

Not only Sabrina's outfits and hair-dos were cool, but her aunts Hilda and Zelda also had a style of their own! Great styling in this series.


Fran Fine [The Nanny]

I remember watching religiously all of the episodes of this series, and literally screaming "Mom, quick come and see her outfit today!" Flawless style, always extra, a master of accessorizing with a huge variety of items including wigs, designer bags, and sunglasses.