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I love CdMx: 24 hours in La Condesa

La Condesa is definitely the trendy neighborhood in Mexico City, with its cafes, restaurants, terraces and eclectic shops it is, by itself, a perfect tourist destination to enjoy an unforgettable cultural and culinary experience. Built in the 1920s on the terrain that used to occupy the old racetrack (Amsterdam Street is reminiscent of the racing circuit), today it invites you to enjoy its tree-lined streets, modernist architecture, parks and relaxed atmosphere.

Here we leave you a 24-hour guide to relax and live a culinary experience while enjoying this magnificent neighborhood.

Accommodation: La Condesa offers a wide variety of accommodations for all budgets, from apartments for rent on Airbnb, boutique hotels or a larger-scale hotel. It is worth mentioning that there are no large hotel complexes in the neighborhood, on the other hand there are an endless number of small boutique hotels established in the different houses and mansions of the neighborhood that, in my opinion, is the best way to live the experience and enjoy La Condesa to the fullest.

Hotel Villa Condesa

Boutique hotel in a typical old house of La Condesa, even the furniture is reminiscent of the golden age of the colony.

Located in Colima 428 Col. Roma/Condesa, Mexico City.

Roosevelt Hotel

Inaugurated in 1938, it is located in an iconic Art Deco building that remains as a testimony of that time. With an excellent location on Av. Insurgentes Sur 287, Condesa Hippodrome, Hotel Roosevelt is another fantastic way to live the Condesa experience.

Hotel Andaz Mexico City Condesa

Located within a historic building, this recently inaugurated hotel offers a luxurious option to experience the Countess within facilities full of design and color.

Location: Aguascalientes 158, Colonia Condesa


After a good rest, start your day enjoying a delicious Condesa-style breakfast.

Maque Restaurant

One of the most emblematic places of La Condesa, opened since 1996, is known for its artisan bakery and its cozy atmosphere. Try their famous chilaquiles accompanied by a delicious coffee. Its terrace is perfect for enjoying the morning while you observe the movement of the neighborhood. I recommend the Garibaldi sweet bread to start your day with a sweet flavor.

Location: Av. Ozuluama 4, Condesa

We also recommend El Ocho café (Av Mexico 111), Cafeteria (cafeteria and bookstore) El Péndulo (Av Nuevo León 115) or Le Pain Quotidian (Amsterdam 309) for breakfast.

Enjoy the tree-lined streets, parks and modernist architecture that you will find while exploring La Condesa
Enjoy the tree-lined streets, parks and modernist architecture that you will find while exploring La Condesa

Morning walk in Parque Mexico:

In the morning you can enjoy a walk through Mexico Park, a green oasis in the middle of the city. Inaugurated in 1927, with its trees and trails, it is ideal for a relaxing walk. Admire its art deco architecture, the sundial and the lake with ducks or go to the Lindbergh forum, located within this park and also of Art Deco design, to admire people skating, enjoying a sports class or even dancing salsa. Don't forget to buy some handicrafts at one of its sales kiosks, relax by reading a good book or simply admire and enjoy its energy, it is a perfect place to rest and recharge.

Location: Av. Mexico, Condesa


Much of the Condesa experience is about tasting its great gastronomic variety without haste. Relax in one of its restaurants and enjoy a "slow food" while admiring the landscape.


This restaurant, created by renowned chef Elena Reygadas, offers a menu that mixes Mediterranean influences with Mexican touches. The decoration is modern and cozy, and its freshly baked bread is a delight that you can't miss.

Location: Agustín Melgar 6, Countess

We also recommend Merkavá (Amsterdam 53) restaurant with Mediterranean influences or Nonna (Amsterdam 240) authentic Italian food.

Cultural Afternoon in the Spain Park:

After a good post-meal nap, explore Parque España. Founded in 1921, it is a green space with sculptures and areas to rest. Take the opportunity to take a walk and get ready for dinner time.

Location: Av. Nuevo León s/n, Condesa

Rooftops with incredible views, culinary and architectural jewels, shopping and crafts, all this and more is what La Condesa has to offer you
Rooftops with incredible views, culinary and architectural jewels, shopping and crafts, all this and more is what La Condesa has to offer you

Happy hour on a terrace:

Enjoy a night out in one of the many bars and rooftops of the colony. Flavors of the drinks and cocktails of your choice or refresh yourself with a delicious national beer while enjoying the sunset in the city.

Rooftop of the Hotel Condesa (Av. Veracruz 102)

Rooftop of the Andaz Mexico City Condesa hotel (Aguascalientes 158)

Remember that an important part of the Condesa experience is to explore and discover its many bars to enjoy a drink, there is no loss, the options are many and they will allow you to take a "bar hoping" tour.


After tasting your favorite drink and now for dinner. In Mexico, especially on weekends, after a night out it is customary to have a late dinner. For this we recommend:

Yamasan Ramen House

Enjoy a delicious ramen that Lauro will leave you to go to sleep

El Tizoncito

The traditional dinner after it weekend outing: tacos. Is there anything better than this?

These are a couple of dinner options for late nights, but if you prefer some fine dining, we recommend Merotoro (Amsterdam 204) before going to a bar.

Dessert at Churrería El Moro:

And to close with a flourish some delicious churros with chocolate in El Moro. Founded in 1935, this churrería is the perfect place to enjoy a traditional dessert in a classic and cozy atmosphere. With a daily schedule from 9 am to 11 pm, some churros are also an excellent option for a snack.

Location: Av Michoacán 27

These are just some of the recommendations that I leave you today, worse remember that the best way to experience La Condesa is in your own style, get lost in its streets and explore it, entering an establishment that catches your attention and following your instinct is the best way to discover it. You can't go wrong!

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