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Get ready for the Day of the Dead with your DIY Altar at Home!

The Day of the Dead is a colorful and cheerful Mexican celebration that honors loved ones who are no longer with us (held on November 2nd every year).

One of the most beautiful traditions of this holiday is the creation of altars for the dead. Would you like to join the fun and set up your own altar at home? Follow these simple steps and join the party!

Step 1: Find a Suitable Space

First, choose a place in your house for your altar. It can be a table, a shelf, a bench or even a special corner. Make sure it is a visible and accessible space, since it is a tribute to your loved ones (you can even use cardboard boxes for the base).

Step 2: Gather your Elements

A typical Altar of the Day of the Dead includes elements such as photographs of your deceased loved ones, candles, flowers (cempasúchil), food (pan de muerto or bread of the dead) and personal objects that they liked. Don't forget the cut paper and sugar skulls! (A tablecloth or rag that serves to cover the base is also useful).

These elements represent the connection between the world of the living and the dead.

Step 3: Photos and Memories

Place the photographs of your loved ones in the center of the altar. You can surround them with objects that used to belong to them or they specially liked such as books, music, or special memories.

Step 4: Candles and Light

Light is essential in the altars of the dead. Light candles to illuminate the path of the souls returning. Candles also symbolize hope and life. Beware of drafts! (There are already very useful battery candles for this occasion).

Step 5: Food Offerings

Place the favorites foods and drinks of your loved ones on the altar. They can be tacos, tamales, pan de muerto, fruits or even a bottle of tequila. You can also use afeñiques (sugar candies) that come in all shapes and sizes symbolizing food, like chicken in mole with rice, tamales or a basket of viennoseries.

Step 6: Cempasúchil flowers

Cempasúchil flowers, colored in a vibrant orange, are an essential element. Their fragrance attracts and guides the spirits back. Place some of these flowers on the altar. You can also use the favorite flowers of the deceased or others that you like, put them in a pot or vase with water. If cempasúchil flowers are hard to come by you can make your own! We will write you another post on the blog with a tutorial to make your own paper cempasúchil flowers so that you can keep them and you don't have to buy flowers every year :)

Step 7: Creative Decorations

Add a personal touch with colored shredded paper, sugar skulls or other craft that you can think of. These festive decorations give a cheerful look to your altar.

Step 8: Time to Reflect

Once your altar is ready, take a moment to reflect on your loved ones and the shared memories. Light a candle, close your eyes and share your thoughts and feelings with them.

And now you altar is ready! Now you have your own altar of the dead at home. It is a beautiful and meaningful way to remember your loved ones and celebrate the Day of the Dead. In addition, you can enjoy the delicious food you have prepared for them! Happy

Day of the Dead!

A small altar of the dead shows all the traditional elements that make up it: the tablecloth, the cempasúchil flowers, the paper, picado, the food, the candles, the skulls and all the color.
Your altar of the dead can be small and have all the important elements: Flowers, favorite food, candles, fruits, paper, paper, chopped, the portrait or symbol of your deceased and even some personal items.


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Felicidades!! Muy lindo todo , gracias!!!🥰🤗❤️👏


May 15

Muchas gracias!! Que bonito !!!😇🥰


May 15



Jul 27, 2023

I was in tears even before playing the video! Recently started watching Bluey and to be honest I am saviouring every episode, making sure not to rush through them. Luce as a kid would have love it too! Without all the sometimes extreme drama cartoons such as "Candy", "Peline" and the anime series called in Spanish "La Ranita Demetan" displayed. I also remember feeling sad and stressed after watching some of them...But Bluey is so not like that. I am sure this is appreciated by kids and parents equally. Cheers to all healthy, innocent and non invasive copying mechanisms! And thanks for sharing this one! 😍

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