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Kellheim: Weltenburg Abbey

Kellheim is a Municipality and town in the region of Bavaria in Germany. Here the rivers Almühl and Danube converge.

Quick facts

The closest major city with an airport: is Munich 102 km away, about a 1 hr and 20 minute drive

How to get there: By car via the A9 highway, or by DB train (from Munich main train station to Ingolstatd, and from there to Saal), and by public (from Saal a regional bus to either the cluster itself, or to the shore of the Danube, to finish off the route by boat). It takes about 2 hours and a half.

What to do and see?

  • The ship rides through the Danube to the Weltenburg Abbey.

  • The Weltenburg Abbey complex, including its church to Saint George, the Baroque and Garden hall, as well as a gift store.

  • Taste the international award-winning Weltenburg Kloster beer and the Bavarian menu at the abbey´s Biergarten.

  • Gästehaus St. Georg (St. Ge0rge guesthouse) Offers over 57 comfortable rooms, including accessible options, and 8 conference rooms.

Historical context

By around 45 AD the Weltenburg area was the starting point of the Roman military road and border known as Via iuxta Danuvium – which followed the south bank of the Danube upstream to Brigobannis.

It was the most important east-west route north of the Alps for a long time, and as per the archaeological findings, there was already a settlement above the monastery on the Frauenberg in prehistoric times. A Roman military station was constructed there as well.

If these walls could talk...

The abbey is believed to be founded around the year 617, making it the oldest monastery in Bavaria.

Historians estimate that it was around the year of 105o when the brewery first started operations.

This is the oldest abbey brewery still in operation in the world! The Weltenburg Kloster brand prides itself on its own Jurassic spring water and its many centuries-old brewing techniques from the Benedictine tradition.

The Weltenburg Abbey's brewery is known for its dark beer.

The abbey church, consisting of a single nave with a crypt, was declared sacred in 1191. About 250 years later, the church and abbey buildings were renovated and life in the abbey reformed. The churches main altar is dedicated to Saint George and is quite impressive.

Other sightseeing options in Kellheim...

  • Archäologiepark Altmühltal (Archeological Park) Discover the world of the Neanderthals and Celts, and learn about how the Ice Age inhabitants killed a mammoth 50,000 years ago, or how did the Neolithic settlers live? Free access.

  • Kellheim Liberation Hall. The memorial commissioned by King Ludwig I for the victorious battles against Napoleon in the Wars of Liberation 1813 - 1815 was started by Friedrich Gärtner based on ancient and Christian central building ideas, and was completed in 1863 by Leo von Klenze. Cost: 4 € .Opening times from April to November 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm. And November 2nd to March 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

  • Old Town Hall. Built in 1598, and later on when renovated a Baroque faccade was added.

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