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Interviewing multidisciplinary artist: Duckman Design

May I introduce you to Jose Carlos Conde Acuaviva, aka Duckman Design, a Spanish graphic designer and multidisciplinary artist with over 20 years.
Duckman is currently in the middle of a creative project that has taken him to Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Malta, Lebanon, and soon Turkey or Iran, among other countries.
[Para leer la entrevista a José Carlos Conde Acuaviva en Español, por favor da click en el link]
1. LuceBuona: Thank your for taking the time off to answer this interview. As far as I understand  you come from a family of artists, and your father was a sculptor, so since you were pretty young you became familiar with what creativity put to action looks like, but was there a time in which you considered a different path or proffession away from the art and the creativity?
José: Hi Luz, first of all thank you for your interest in my career path, and it is a real pleasure to share my experience with you and your readers. That's right, at home there were always paintings and …

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