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Interviewing Image Consultant and Style Expert: Tamara Glick

May I introduce you to Professional Speaker, Corporate Training & Dress Code Development, Image & Style Media Expert: Tamara Glick from Trademark Image Consulting, based in Toronto, Canada.
                                             [Para leer la entrevista a Tamara Glick, en Español, da clic aquí]
I was lucky to meet Tamara in Toronto a couple of years ago. Such a nice lady!

1. LuceBuona: Tamara, you have plenty of experience in Marketing, brand development, and strategic planning. When did you decide to take all this know how - and further studies- and switch to Image Consulting 
Tamara: My career in image actually began at a much younger age, and started to develop in my early career in retail. When I moved into my MBA and decided to pursue advertising and marketing as my next career, I quickly discovered a lack of understanding of the subtleties of wardrobe and image in different industries, as well as a deep feeling in myself, and in colleagues, that the image they presented at work was inauthentic, or less true, than they wanted it to be. What presented itself to me, was a need to marry brand development and strategic planning with the deeply personal, in order to be able to help people 'match how they feel on the inside, with how people see them on the outside.' I went back to my business school and shared this with them as well as the experiences I had had when working with the career centre during my interview process, and they became my first client!

2. LuceBuona: When I met you, I immediately noticed that you are a passionate professional, it is pretty obvious that you love what you do! What is the part of your job that you enjoy the most? 
Tamara: Thank you! I do adore the career that I've created, and there are so many parts that I love. From watching a client as she suddenly realizes how wonderful it is to feel self-expressed, confident, and beautiful, to assisting a corporate brand in creating custom uniforms so their employees physically represent their brand as intended, what I love is that when my job is done my clients feel changed for the better. They are confident and able to go after their dreams now that the pain of figuring out how to get dressed well has been removed.

3.  L: On your website, you talk about the importance of recognizing what makes us unique, and finding a way to express it, through our personal style. I know that you are committed to go beyond the fashion trends and find what really suits each of your clients.  Is it common for possible clients to feel insecure about having an image consultant build their professional wardrobe, thinking they might not end up feeling like themselves? Or did you ever have clients afraid of changing their "wardrobe staples"? 
Tamara: Before I work with a client for the first time, I like to have a good initial conversation with them, so that I can learn more about them, the reason they've reached out to me, and how I can assist them in reaching their goals. It is so important to me that my clients feel that we are on the same page, they can trust me, and know that I am there solely to help them perform at their highest level in whatever they do. My role is very much a coaching one, and it should be both educational and fun! In the ideal scenario a client will reach out to learn about how an image consultant can assist them - this indicates that they are either ready, or getting ready, to approach this challenge. Like any trusting coaching relationship, the client should self-identify that they would like to begin working on this area and the coach will ensure that the client is steered confidently in the right direction, checking in periodically to ensure the client feels the relationship and results are on track. 
Tamara captivating the audience 

4. Lb: I noticed that among the consultations you provide, you have the "Personal Style Session", where you analyze the clients' body shape and guide them through what clothes suits them best. It seems to me that this is pretty much a life changing experience! I'm sure you have many examples on this regard, (keeping the anonymity of your clients) can you give us an example of how much our life can be enhanced by knowing how to present ourselves?
Tamara: Oh so many ways! Having a clear understanding of how to present your features in the best ways possible can dramatically affect how we see ourselves, and how we carry ourselves, every day. The majority of women, in my experience, are excellent 'butchers'. We have an uncanny knack of focusing on the physical traits we dislike most on any given day. These are rarely realistic; more often than not they can even be a bit dysmorphic! You know the expression: "Don't think too much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there to begin with." This can certainly be true when we take stock of our own bodies. 
One of the best things about my job is that I help my clients to see their best qualities and how to enhance them. The results range from: creating harmony and excitement around features that were once hidden, to completely diminishing so-called 'problems' until they seem to disappear. Having this kind of influence over how you are seen in the world is amazingly empowering!

5. Lb: I'm convinced that by choosing my outfit for the day, I'm setting the tone of the day itself. For example, when I'm wearing clothes that I  no longer like as much as when I bought them, or that I don't really feel comfortable in, I find myself hoping not to run into anyone I know! Is like I almost want to be invisible!  Can you share some tips with us, on how to keep our closets clean of garments that no longer belong in it? 
Tamara: Absolutely. I believe that as adults we 'outgrow' clothing emotionally and intellectually more often than we outgrow them physically. That we don't physically need new clothing can create a sense of responsibility, or guilt, around keeping clothing that no longer serves us. It's important to give space and credit to the fact that as humans we constantly evolve. Beyond lifestyle changes like a career shift or a change in your relationship status that could warrant changes to your wardrobe, we grow and change emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually and these are all valid reasons to consider letting go of clothing that no longer makes you feel good.
Clothing really wants to do two things for you:
1. Support the roles & functions in your life
2. Make you feel great!
If your clothes don't do BOTH of these things, it's time that they serve someone else, and their needs.

The Inspiring work of Tamara Glick 

6.  L: Besides the closet editing, personal shopping and color analysis sessions, Trademark Image Consulting also provides guidance on written image - jeez! you sure sound like the whole enchilada my dear!-  going "from cover letters and resumes to professional bios and online dating profiles.." as stated on your website.  Please tell us a bit more about this service and it's benefits. 
Tamara: Often the first impression you make with a potential employer - or even a potential new mate - is through the written word. And, many people are self-conscious about 'tooting their own horn'! It can be very helpful when a seasoned professional can review your documents, talk through your accomplishments and goals with you, and turn your documents around so you can see them objectively.
After we master those documents, then we can master your interview (or first date!) image so that it matches and even exceeds the impression you've created on paper!

7. L: You have a strong presence in the media, from breakfast tv to magazines and online resources. Always stylish and kind, I would say that you do practice what you preach! How would you define your personal style? What would you say are your personal trademarks? 
Tamara: Thank you, Luz! My personal style is fun, aspirational, has a story to it, and is often finished with a bit of irreverent edge! If Tokyo & Paris had a love child who lived in New York, it's name would be 'Tamara's Style' (even though I live in Toronto).
My most recognized trademark is leopard print. Always in a playful execution, but it's definitely there! In fact, one client asked me if I had more than 10 pieces in leopard print and when I stopped to think about it, we agreed that the answer was an obvious YES!  

8. L: Tamara, thank you for taking some time off your busy agenda to share some of your expertise with us. Do you have any further advice or comments for the Lux vita et iocus readers?
Tamara: My pleasure always, Luz. My advice? Take some time to consider the personality traits that would thrill you if they were associated with you on a regular basis and use them to create your personal style! Find items and combinations that you feel express these words and be ready to experiment! Your style will evolve just like you do. Enjoy the adventure, and if it's too hard, or you just feel stuck, enlist in the help of a style coach!

Thanks for sharing your expertise with us Tamara! 

[Para leer la entrevista a Tamara Glick, en Español, da clic aquí]
Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I enjoyed putting it together! There is certainly much to learn from Tamara, and ourserlves!
Comments? Doubts? Please let us know ;) It's always good to read you!


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