Fashion + Creativity + Inspiration [Moda + Creatividad + Inspiración]

Ahhhh los Strokes y el maravilloso Julian...
Ohhh the Strokes and the wonderful Julian..

No es solo su voz ronca, las canciones y la musica, tambien me encanta su estilo!
Is not only his husky voice, the lyrics and music, I also love his style!
Rock + estilo desenfadado... Una formula un tanto obvia podríamos decir. Pero algo tiene nuestro querido Casablancas que le funciona super bien la formulita. Como siempre, es cuestión de personalidad, cualquier otra moda lo haria ver disfrazado. 
El estilo personal no se debe de tomar muy enserio, porque entonces es moda.
Rock + careless style... It's much of an obvious equation, but there's something about Mr.Casablancas that totally suits him. 
It is a matter of personality, any other trend would make him look like wearing a costume. We are not supposed to take personal style too seriously, because if you try too much, then it turns into fashion. A simple fashion.
Este neoyorkino es hijo del mismisimo fundador de Elite Model Management, John Casablancas y Miss Dinamarca 1969... Yiauch! 
This newyorker is the son of a Elite Models founder, John Casablancas, and 1969's Miss Dinamarca... Ohh-la-la!!

Finalmente les comparto algunas palabras del susodicho en cuestion:
Last but not least, I'll share with you some words of wisdom:

"The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected"
"Las mejores soluciones suelen ser simples, y sobre todo inesperadas"

"Can our mind evolve to be something other than an extension of our animal needs?"
"Puede nuestra mente evolucionar a otra cosa que la extension de nuestras necesidades animales?"

"Things happened so fast, in some ways, it's better to come in second at first because it humbles you and you end up being focused and work harder".
"Las cosas han pasado muy rapido, de alguna forma es mejor llegar en segundo al principio, porque te hace mas humilde, y terminas enfocandote y trabajando mas duro".

(Y la mejor de todas.. / And my favorite..)
"Greatness is just common sense, you know?"
"La grandeza es sentido comun sabes?"

Que tengan una excelente semana!
Have an awesome week! 

Images: The Strokes , and Julian Casablancas official websites.

 first heard of Centre for Dreams in last February.Ever since my family and I have support them in many different ways, and this entry is my way to share with you one of their projects.

"The Centre for Dreams 
is a day program supporting adults living with a developmental disability. It is our mission to help our members achieve thier goals and dreams through academics, vocational, life skills and social skill training."

Project 101010 is dedicated to raising $300,000 towards a down payment for our Build a Dream Campaign. The concept is simple: ask 10 friends to donate $10.00 and encourage those 10 friends to ask their friends etc. It will literally take 10 seconds to ask each person, but the impact is huge! For more information, go to The Centre for Dreams website!

The Centre for Dreams is located at Markham, Ontario, an it is an organization born in a very special family.
Currently Centre for Dreams has a waiting list because they can not accept any more clients... they need a new home!!

Visit their website, learn more about this wonderful people and get involved!!
Who said that this world no longer has good people!