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Posted by : Luce Buona February 22, 2010

¿Qué opinas de las entradas de Lux vita et iocus?

Al pie de cada entrada (post, artículo) de este blog, encontrarás una forma super fácil de dejar tu opinión. Solo da click en la opción que mejor te quede y el mundo sabrá si  la entrada es un nuevo favorito para ti, si te es completamente indiferente, o que inclus si la aluscinaste. No te tomará más de un minuto...Claro que si quieres profundizar en tu opinión...¡dejame un par de líneas! Uff nada como expresarse!
¿Listos? Anden! ¡Estrenen la función de una vez!

What do you think about Lux vita et iocus entries?

At the end of every entry of this blog you'll find a place to share your opinions to the world. You just have to choose the one that best suits your thoughts, either if you love it and think is one of your favorites, or if you simply liked it, or find it a bit too regular, even if you hated it! Sharing your opinion will take less than a minute. But of course, if you want to tell me more about your thoughts or concerns, please drop a couple of lines and I'll be glad to read it!....There's nothing like expressing yourself!
Ready? Go ahead and try this! 

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  1. I like it when you post your outfit pictures best!



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Cada cabeza es un mundo, comparte un poco del tuyo dejando tu opinión. /
Everyone is entitled to have an opinion... and I would love to read yours about this topic!

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